Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catholic at last

Well, I know it has been quite a long while since I wrote something.
Anyway, there doesn't seem to be so much to write about, since most days seem to be all the same. I go up in the morning, take a shower, eats my breakfast and then studies.
(I do eat lunch and dinner, and a few times a week I do go away to go swimming as well)

The studies are now going a bit better, although I find a lot of it quite boring.
The real "big" thing that has happened is that I am now a catholic.
I've had my first communion and everything and is now part of the Church.
It feels great.

The Eucharist was much better than I could ever have imagined and the confession wasn't that scary as I had feared.

I don't think I have so much more to write now, for the time being.