Monday, October 30, 2006

White and Nerdy

Hello everyone.

Well, my weekend has been quite good, as usual that is. My friend Bob slept over tyhis weekend, as usual XD. We saw two Pay-Per-View-films via Com Hem, "North Country", about a woman who needs to work in a mine since she needs the money, and "Just like heaven" about a woman, working at a hospital, who drives herself to death, when she is hit by a 18-wheeler. We also saw "Terminator", the first film that is, and "Oceans's Eleven" on DVD's that we I and my grandmother had borrowed from a "dog-buddy" of grandmother's.

I have also tried to contact as many people as possibly that I know and try to invite them to my Halloween-party on 4-5 November, but everyone seems to be busy and so forth...

Well, I have to do some homework, even when I have autumn holidays this whole week, *sigh*.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

My sacred place

Hello again.
Well, this is an old photograph I found from Källtorpsskolan, with our librarian over there, from 2001.
I really liked to spend my time in the library, and I still see libraries as a sacred place, and all libraries in the world has a special place in my heart.

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Hello everyone, again.
Well, I just wanted to try to publish a photograph I found via Google Picasa, this photograpg of me is quite new actually and I like it :-P Posted by Picasa

A calm weekend

Hello everyone.
Well, I've just had one of the most calm weekends ever.
I only did some homework on Saturday, before 14:00, when Bob, a friend of mine, came over.
We have watched a lot of films, about 7 titles. National Treasure, Wallace and Gromit; The Werewolf Rabbit, Team America, American History X, Freedomland, Disney's Home On The Range, and Needful Things. So even though I am under pressure of a lot of homework, I have taken some time to see these films with Bob.
American History X was very interesting to see, but very frightening as well.
It was very frightening to see how such a lovely family can be torn to pieces by racist hate.

Well, I'd better start working!

Yours sincerely/minutz3
PS. Weird Al Yankovic's new video "White and Nerdy" is the best! DS.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back to Blogger

Hello everyone.
Well, I am back to Blogger again, and I've just finished a re-test in Nature science, since I only got through the original tyest, and I do aim for a higher result. But I do not think I'll receive such a better result...