Sunday, October 22, 2006

A calm weekend

Hello everyone.
Well, I've just had one of the most calm weekends ever.
I only did some homework on Saturday, before 14:00, when Bob, a friend of mine, came over.
We have watched a lot of films, about 7 titles. National Treasure, Wallace and Gromit; The Werewolf Rabbit, Team America, American History X, Freedomland, Disney's Home On The Range, and Needful Things. So even though I am under pressure of a lot of homework, I have taken some time to see these films with Bob.
American History X was very interesting to see, but very frightening as well.
It was very frightening to see how such a lovely family can be torn to pieces by racist hate.

Well, I'd better start working!

Yours sincerely/minutz3
PS. Weird Al Yankovic's new video "White and Nerdy" is the best! DS.

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