Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wasted time

To be really honset to myself, and all others, I've really mostly wasted my time today.
I've been going around in my room thinking of what I would do today, but I've actually not been doing that much at all. Mostly I have been posting things on the Defenders of the Catholic Faith-forums, which I surely could spend less time doing...

Well, I've also read a bit in my book, but I should have been able to accomplish much more, if I had shut down my laptop instead of checking it every five minutes (and sitting there for another ten minutes each time, or much more, I have absolutely no sense of how much time I truly spend on these kind of things, I suppose...).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Testing if picture disappears

Well, I'm mostly going to test if a picture, if removed from my Picasa Web Album, is also removed from my web log.

Update: Appearantly it IS removed (according to the dialogue box that popped up when I tried to remove it) from my blog also if I remove it from Picasa Web Albums... :-(

I want unlimited storage on Blogger again! XD

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bourne Identity - just too much violence

Well, hello everyone.
This evening I've been looking at the film "Bourne Identity" (since I and grandpa, on my mother side, did consider to go to the theater to see "Bourne Ultimatum" but realised that one has to see the first two films before seeing the third in the series) which is considered a "James Bond-clone" by some reviwers, and I can't do anything but to agree with them.

Well, but for some things there are huge differences in how the film is made.
It lacks the kind of perfectionism that the James Bond-films has been able to maintain, that is to not cross the line where it's "too much" violence.
Unfortunately the americans doesn't seem to know where this line is, so instead of crossing the line, they've blasted the line into small bits.

Another thing the film lacks is heart.
In James Bond-films there is always room for some forgiveness and the organisation doesn't seem so cold, but rather friendly and caring about the British citizens.
The impression one receives from viewing "Bourne Identity" is that the USA isn't actually caring about the safety of its citizens, and the safety of human beings whatsoever.

Here you can find a review.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gmail video

Well, the folks over at Google (the Gmail division I guess) has compiled quite a funny video with people "sending" a Gmail-e-mail-message. (Actually passing it over)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Take back your neighbourhood - Graffiti Tracker

Well, I just read from the BBC that the company Graffiti Tracker has come up with a system to locate perpetrators that spray colours and writing their "tags" with these colours, using GPS and digital photography technology. BBC's explanation was quite unsettling, so I decided to check it up myself, and the demonstration is much more satisfying.

(I have absolutely nothing against Jet Set Radio Future, it's actually one of my favourite videogame of all times :-))