Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wasted time

To be really honset to myself, and all others, I've really mostly wasted my time today.
I've been going around in my room thinking of what I would do today, but I've actually not been doing that much at all. Mostly I have been posting things on the Defenders of the Catholic Faith-forums, which I surely could spend less time doing...

Well, I've also read a bit in my book, but I should have been able to accomplish much more, if I had shut down my laptop instead of checking it every five minutes (and sitting there for another ten minutes each time, or much more, I have absolutely no sense of how much time I truly spend on these kind of things, I suppose...).

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Marcus said...

Your beliefs are atrocious and detrimental to the fabric of society. You and all your pervert friends are just Fascists.