Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eurovision Song Contest-fever!

Hello mates.
Well, yesterday it was Eurovision Song Contest, and my favourites were, of course, Germany contribution, with their country-style band "Texas lightning" and their song "No No Never". They made a great performance and everything, but then there was my other favourite - Turkey (Sibel Tuzun with the song "Super Star"). They did also a good performance and so, but Lordi won, and that's great! I really liked their "Hard Rock Hallelujah", but I never thought that they would claim the first prise for such a song. I mean, it's not so much Eurovision about it, but it's far better than most "Hard Rock" songs. I don't know if one can say that this was a hard rock song though. Anyway, I have some homework to do, and I have also an urgent need to play Super Mario 64 now! Bye! /minutz3

Monday, May 15, 2006


Hello mates.
Well, today in school, we made some poems. On the English lesson that is. So, well, I thought I'd publish some of my poems, I did three poems, but I don't think the third is of any good quality. Besides, I don't remember it at the moment, maybe I'll write about it later though.

"Zlatan was killed,
by a soccer guild,
when he was playing in the field"

"If you (originally "touch") ruin my flowers,
I'll show you my powers,
and disorganise thou face"

Well, that's it for the moment. /minutz3

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Yes, you who have read my swedish blog doesn't need to read this, heehee..
Anyway, I had a very frightening dream tonight. I dreamed that I ate an BigMac at McDonald's. I woke up all sweaty and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. Yes, I am a vegetarian. A demi-vegetarian to be precise. Anyway, I think I got this nightmare about McDonald's from my visit at McDonald's at Friday, when I met a communist chatfriend in Stockholm. He was quite nice to talk with and so, so we had a good time, but he had to eat something before he had to go back to his schoolgroup, since they only were on visit to Stockholm. So in a hurry we (he) bought something at McDonald's. It's really crappy there you know, but he had to eat something I guess. /minutz3