Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eurovision Song Contest-fever!

Hello mates.
Well, yesterday it was Eurovision Song Contest, and my favourites were, of course, Germany contribution, with their country-style band "Texas lightning" and their song "No No Never". They made a great performance and everything, but then there was my other favourite - Turkey (Sibel Tuzun with the song "Super Star"). They did also a good performance and so, but Lordi won, and that's great! I really liked their "Hard Rock Hallelujah", but I never thought that they would claim the first prise for such a song. I mean, it's not so much Eurovision about it, but it's far better than most "Hard Rock" songs. I don't know if one can say that this was a hard rock song though. Anyway, I have some homework to do, and I have also an urgent need to play Super Mario 64 now! Bye! /minutz3

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