Monday, January 28, 2008

Fan photos and studies and so forth

What's up, eh?
Not much, eh.
Well, first things first, I'd say, last wednesday I went to a place called "proxxi" that is in central Stockholm, and saw (and discussed..) the third Star Wars film. What I was wondering mostly about what the (other) geeks/nerds called "negative armour" which they said that the Stormtroopers wore. The thing is that the (Imperial) Stormtroopers die just by being hit by a rock or having a stick poked at them, so their armour is probably negative and instead of protecting them, they're hurt even more than they would be without the armour. Anyway we also did go to my cousin (Martin) this weekend to congratulate him on his 17th birthday, and he got a punching bag and boxing gloves.

About my studies then?
They are going just fine, it seems.
We've got some new members for our "group" that are working with projects and so forth, and they are very friendly, so I'll probably join them to the student's pub this week, to socialise and so. Actually the studies are going much easier now, since I've started this new subject (Human-Computer Interaction) which is much more exciting than any of the previous subjects.

About my salvation and so forth then?
It's going alright with that as well, I think, since I'm feeling that the (Roman-Catholic) Church is right for me, and I know that they are preaching the Truth, and I want to be a part of it.
I'm probably going to be "in" the Church "for real" sometimes during Easter.
I'm still not sure what my calling in this life is though, but I am hoping and praying that I will find out.

Here's the promised "fan photos" by the way (yes, my sister insisted in taking these photographs, not my idea..);

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Studies, cream bun, chihuahua and computer solution

Well, hello everyone,
so, yes, I know, I haven't been writing in quite a while, but I'm also been quite busy you see, mostly with studies, and also, I have had trouble finding fun things or queer things or whatever you'd like to call it, to write about. Anyway, I still have things to study, actually I have so much to study so I can't stop thinking about BMM (Business Motivation Model) for a second.

Oh well, what's up then?
My studies are going alright, I hope.
Today I ate a cream bun, with the necessary bowl of warm milk, and it was de-li-cious!

This thursday we also had another rottweiler and a cute chihuahua from a friend of my grandmother here, and the chihuahua explored my desk;

Also, by request from viking, here's the computer solution that grandma came up with;