Sunday, January 20, 2008

Studies, cream bun, chihuahua and computer solution

Well, hello everyone,
so, yes, I know, I haven't been writing in quite a while, but I'm also been quite busy you see, mostly with studies, and also, I have had trouble finding fun things or queer things or whatever you'd like to call it, to write about. Anyway, I still have things to study, actually I have so much to study so I can't stop thinking about BMM (Business Motivation Model) for a second.

Oh well, what's up then?
My studies are going alright, I hope.
Today I ate a cream bun, with the necessary bowl of warm milk, and it was de-li-cious!

This thursday we also had another rottweiler and a cute chihuahua from a friend of my grandmother here, and the chihuahua explored my desk;

Also, by request from viking, here's the computer solution that grandma came up with;

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lucy said...

i kinnda saw that u haven't being active at this blog for quite a while now... but, hopefully u can help me. i'm trying to find a place in stockholm where i can attend some taize prayers... do u maybe know something about it? so far i had absolutely no luck in searching...