Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 random facts/habits

Well, as I've been tagged by Ivar, I guess I have to do this silly thing now :-P
I am to list 8 random facts/habits about myself, and then tag 8 people, and informing them by posting a comment on their web log.

1. I'm donating blood
2. My favourite film is "Shaun of the dead"
3. I'm very fond of ties
4. I think I work better with a tie on me
5. I have to have a watch on me, to see what time it is, otherwise I'll be stressed
6. I can't skip brushing my teeth (I worry sick about it if I don't do that)
7. I've spilled a glass of milk over my laptop - and it's still working
8. I like photopgraphing nature scenes

Well, I know I should be tagging eight people, but like Ivar, I can't come up with that a many :-P
I tag Bob, uhm, and, well, noone else I guess, hehe...


viking said...

About the computer: Does it smell old milk?

minutz3 said...

Heh, no, it doesn't :-P
It doesn't smell anything in particular at all, but one key on the keyboard isn't working properly. The screen has also now died partly, but my grandmother has made a solution for that (I guess I'll post a photograph of the solution later ;-))

ivarbjoe said...

Hehe, very good. And now I have another tag for you:P This one is a bit more "religious" though. Check out my blof for more info.

ivarbjoe said...

And by blof, I meant blog:P

viking said...

Now you got me wondering about what the solution is :-)