Wednesday, April 11, 2007

10 April 2007-The nature science test..

...went to h*ll, with the math I guess. (I'm not exactly a professional in math, neither in nature science this term anyways.) Yes, as you may notice I'm back on Yahoo! 360 again. Mostly because I'm fed up with Google's habbit of making their services more and more rubbish... and of course the announce ment that Yahoo! e-mail acoounts will have unlimited storage in a near future. Well, so this day has mostly been s-h-i-t (sorry)... Oh, well, I've got my working though, so you can check out what I listen to.

See you later, alligator!

PS. I actually don't know if I really will stay with Google's services since they seem to do like good ol' Microsoft, they lock you into their system, and start milking more and more money from you... DS.

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