Monday, March 06, 2006

Stomach problems...

Yes, that's absolutely right. I think I have some problems with my stomach at the moment. I am going to try to eat something now, and see if I can do some homework after that. I'm not so hopefull though. But we'll see... Oh, by the way, maybe I should talk a little about the political course I went on this weekend? Well, for example, we had the leader of IUSY there. She told us what the IUSY did, and so on. We also had some history about our main "enemy" in politics. I think you've already figured it out that it's the Conservatives (Moderater in Swedish ;-)). We had some history about them, from the "Right party" to the "Moderate party". They have also changed their politics so much that they're called the "New Moderates" from some sources. Well, even from themselves nowadays... Uhm, well, I think I'll write some more some other day or so. /minutz3

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