Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yay! Another great (?) day!

Hello dear mates!
Well, today I got another businessenglish test back... I got VG :-(
In Sweden, there is MVG, and that is the best grade (that is what I am aiming for in almost all subjects..), VG, that is the second best grade, G that means that you're ok, and IG, that means that you're not ok. And then there is BUS, and that means that the teacher can't give you a grade, since you haven't turned in enough material and so on to do so.

Uhm, and today I have also watched another episode of "Desperate Houwives". I really love this series. It was the episode where Gabrielle is giving the church money so Sister Mary Margaret and Carlos can travell to Africa. Well, she doesn't know that Carlos will be going on the trip as well at first, but she'll soon find out that. It's also the episode where Bree tells Andrew that she killed George. ...it is also the episode where Andrew invites one of his "intimate" friends, and his "friend" says that he shouldn't be so though on Bree, after all, she is his mum. But Bree is still upset that Andrew invites his homosexual friends and... well... but Andrew doesn't really care, since he thinks she was the cause of his father's death. Well, it is a very complicated series, but it is brilliant really!

Well, good night to all of you, and live well!

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