Friday, August 18, 2006

17 August 2006 - Back home from the country

Well, I just copy this right from my Yahoo 360-page;

Hello everyone.
Well, yes, I am back home from our (to be frank, it is my grandparent's) house out in the country. Anyway, it was very nice to spend, hmm, two days there. I have seen "Blackmail" a good British film about two girls blacmailing a british maffia, who have just made a robbery. I've also seen "Chicken Little" for the second time I guess, as well as all the bonus material. I have also seen "Resident Evil", the film that is, and it wasn't all that bad as the critics have said it would be. It was quite good actually, wheter you believe it or not. I also watched a continued version of the series "Father Ted". "Father Ted" is really a brilliant series I must say, as well as "Doctor Who". Uhm, and, well, as you can see, I have started using Windows Live Spaces, and, well, I'll guess I try it out as well as Yahoo 360.
Now I guess I have to go to bed, and tomorrow I'll have a scout-hike to attain to!


Well, I have started using Yahoo 360. A lot. The URL is

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