Monday, August 21, 2006

Scout hike-Ängsjö 2006

Hello everyone.
Well, this weekend I have been on a scouting hike with my scouting group, and DID we have a great time! At Friday evening we slept over at the scout house and ate some potato crisps, and well, we were up until about 03:00 or so, and the girls kept on talking the whole night thru I guess, and I also guess that I was the one who suffered the most by not sleeping during the night, since I hardly couldn't stand straight the other day. On Saturday, we began our adventure, to search for transmitters in the woods, and also to canoe over to an island. I thought that would be fine, just that I didn't remember that I do NOT like to canoe. Canoes are really scary things, I always think I'll drop into the sea any second when I am sitting in a canoe. That is NOT pleasant. Well, anyway, we had to ring our scout leaders and ask for the way a couple of times, and we rowed in the wrong direction, to the wrong side of the lake (...) and some other not so necessary things. Well, before we actually came into the canoe, we had some trouble finding the place where it actually was. That wasn't so pleasant either, since we got lost in the upper-class districts. Well, that is anyway what I think it was, because all houses looked very expensive and so forth. The other group, that was team Yellow, consisted of two blonds and two other older senior scouts (a senior scout is someone in the age of about 15 to 19 years old). Anyway, we were team Red, and we came out in the lake before team Yellow since we knew where we where, which team Yellow didn't know... Well, we came to the place where we would camp for the night at about 22:30 or so, and we didn't have the dinner ready until about 23:30.. ..and then we had the ceremony for the two new members of our senior scout team, the two blonds. Well, and on Sunday it started raining when we canoed home again, so they cancelled the rest of the hike, altough there wasn't too much left of it, (I am quite happy that we DID cancel the hike though XD). Then we went to the scout house and cleaned everything we had used during the hike. I think we had a great time and s0 forth, and I truly hope I'll be able to participate in more scout events in the future!

Here are some photographs from the hike;

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