Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Get a Wii granny!

I read a very interesting article over at SPOnG, where the nice chaps wrote an interesting article about old people wanting a Wii or Nintendo DS.

"SPOnG-News carried out its own poll this morning. Well, we spoke to Adam-SPOnG’s nan, Eileen (77) to quiz her on the matter and ask if she’d like a Wii for Xmas.

SPOnG: “Have you seen the new Nintendo Wii yet then Eileen?”

Eileen: “What do you mean? What counter will it be on then? With games and computers and all that?”

SPOnG: “Yes, Nintendo has just sent out some research that claims that even older people such as yourself still want the same gaming gadgets – like the Wii – such as us young ‘uns.”

Eileen: “Hahahahahaha! Do you have to have a computer to do it on?”

SPOnG: “No, you plug it into your telly, just like your DVD player.”

Nan: “Oh yes right! There’s enough on’t telly already! I don’t think we’d know where to start. Just get us something nice for the garden like you usually do.”

However, Andy-SPOnG assures us that his mum is also a granny and she’s getting a DS for Christmas. We know she’s getting one because he’s bought it for her - along with Brain Age."

Well, to me it seems as if the old lady really doesn't want something like a Wii.

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