Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry for not sharing my Strange U.S military dream

I am sorry.
Sorry that I did not share that strange U.S. military dream I had 8 December.
I did write it on my Live Space. As well as Yahoo 360. Even on AOL Journals I wrote it.
I am so sorry, Google guys, for not being equitable with ye, with all your open-source and open-minds and so forth. Well, here it is, the awaited U.S. military dream;

Well, tonight I had this very strange dream. Actually, I dreamt about three main persons. Two soldiers in the U.S. Military, one of them jealous of the other because he was in a military group that had the more "macho" assignments. Well, then the macho soldier's girl wanted to try how it was being a soldier and everything (I think she was the macho soldiers girlfriend anyway, I don't remember the details). Anyway, she was dressed as a soldier in the U.S. Military and succeeded in coming in to a lunch room or something, where they, all three, ate at a table, but with a fourth person too, a girl. So this girl, she remarked that when she gave this disguised girl good feedback for being so well-dressed at the lunch table, she discovered that she leaned her left bone leg backwards, as to say thank you. So she asked up this disguised woman for a dance, and that's where my dream ends actually.

Another thing, I think the more macho one out of these guys were in an organisation called the IGUGAI or something... Never heard of it anyway... (That's what I read in my notebook, and what I wrote down after having had the dream, so that's a special feature for all my Google readers ;-))

In other words, my life is business as usual, I have the blessing to have most homework in my school probably...


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Cyber said...

Nice dream. Didn't find it that strange though. O_o