Saturday, May 19, 2007

Communism keeps breaking my heart

Well, first, there was Good Bye Lenin!, now it's "A squirrel and the hedgehog" (part 2).
It seems as if North Korea would be the place to be, but unfortunately there are some other clips on YouTube saying the opposite.

So, why does communism always have to seem so nice and so forth, but as soon as a great leader wants to make the dream come true, they make their own dreams of luxury come true, and forget about the people, and instead of providing them with food, they provide them with propaganda in different forms?

...and why on earth is countries such as North Korea and China forcing religious movements and political ones underground?

I'm just asking, and I wouldn't mind being answered by a representative from the Chinese embassy, or the chinese government, nor the North Korean government or embassy.

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Cyber said...

Nice video, not that I understood much of it though. :P