Friday, October 12, 2007

The test

Well, as you might have understood from the previous post, today was the big D-day.
Or Judgement Day.
I had my knowledge tested to the limits by an incredible test, by the prophets of my course, "Information Technology for Private usage" (freely translated) - ITP that is.

Well, the test did turn out not to be such a huge challenge as I was afraid that it would be.
But some questions were a little bit more tricky than the other ones, and I'm afraid that might be the difference for me to get a Fx (almost the worst grade, F is worse though) or an A or B (the best grade is, of course, A)...

So, well, what other things has happened today?
Not that much actually, I ate my lunch while on the train (two sandwiches) and after the test I went back to my municipality and had a great Friday-dinner at a Chinese restaurant :-D.
This evening we've also seen the film "Wild Hogs", which I liked watching very much.
It seems to lack a little bit of that "edge" that I find in comedy films by Jim Carrey for example.
But it was worth seeing, and my grandpa seemed to like it as well (I'm not sure about my grandmother, she haven't seemed to be that glad at all this evening..).

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